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Esthetician Apprenticeship

Our esthetician apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to get your basics license in a studio environment instead of a school. This can be an easier learning approach for some students and allows you to get a ton of hands on experience.

Basic Esthetics Theory

  • History of Esthetics

  • Salon Safety

  • Aseptic techniques & sanitary procedures

  • Business & Salon Management

  • Legality

  • Disease & Disorders of the Skin

  • Equipment

  • Anatomy

  • Science Of Basic esthetics

  • Facials

  • Brow Laminations

  • Brow Mapping

  • Brow and lash Tinting

  • Facial & Body Waxing

  • Classic Lash extensions

  • Basic Makeup Application

  • CPR

  • Product Sales & Services

  • Lash lift

Tuition & Pricing


Online Books

Registration Fee

Student Kit (Optional)





Advanced Course Add Ons

Microblading + Microshading Certification Course

Volume Lash Extension Course



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