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Microblade Training & Classes

Microblading and permanent makeup is a booming industry that is not going anywhere! I take pride in training amazing individuals and turning them into amazing Microblade artists. Let's get your career started today!

Brow Boot Camp 

I have a strong passion for microblading and I have dedicated my life to putting together an intense and extremely educating microblading course. My sole purpose in this course is to train you how to be an ELITE artist that people TRUST. 

I have both 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 classes which allows for all my attention to be on you to ensure you are getting the most education and leave my course feeling CONFIDENT! This is a 4 day course that will teach you everything you need to know about basic microblading and my hybrid microblade (blade and shade).

We will be covering:

-Microblading & skin education


- Safety & Blood-borne pathogens

- Brow Mapping and facial structure education

- Color Matching

- Marketing and how to start your business

- And MUCH MUCH more!

Microblade Training & Classes Provo, Utah

The Microblade Course

Like I said, my course is a 4 day course which will cover Microblading and my Hybrid Microblade (Blade and shade) Along with a marketing course the last day. This course will give you all the education and resources you need to start your successful microblading business. I was a marketing manager and website developer for years so my course does include very informative and accurate marketing information. 

Brow Boot Camp will include:

- Breys Brows Microblading Manual

-Microblading kit that will give you everything you need to start. ($600 Value)

- 2 Live Models

-Free Voucher to Beginner Marketing Course ($300 Value)

- Blood-Borne Pathogens Certification ($45 Value)

-Discounts on further education courses

- Free refresher apprenticeship days

- Microblading Certification

The courses are always Wednesday - Saturday 11:00am - 7:00pm 

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Next Microblade Class Openings

1-on-1 Microblade Class

June 28th-July 1st (Booked)

2-on-1 Microblade Classes

August 2nd-5th (BOOKED)

September 13th-16th

October 18th-21st

November 8th-11th

So Why Microblade?

Not only is microblading a fun and social career, it is also a money making career

The Average Cost of Microblading in Utah is $450

If you do just 2 microblades a week that equals to $3600 a month

and that equals to $43,200 a year.

This career has changed so many lives for this reason, come be apart of it today.

Case Studies

Pricing + Finance

This course is $2499 for 2-on-1 classes and $3299 for 1-on-1 classes  and their is a $500 non-refundable deposit when reserving your spot. You will pay the rest on your first day of class.

Accepted payment methods are cash, cashiers check or credit card.

We do offer financing Via Afterpay up to $2,000. Please let us know when you enroll that you would like this financing option or reach out to us directly.

We do not accept federal student aid loans

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