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Microblading is form of permanent makeup that is a custom look to your desire. This treatment is done by creating hair like strokes to make they eyebrows  shaped and more pronounced. Their is also an option to add shading which gives the brows a fuller look! This service does include a free consultation and color match to guarantee you get your dream brows! (The model has a Hybrid Microblade)


There is a reason my Brazilian waxing is my most popular service and that reason is NUMBING. Have you ever had a numbed Brazilian wax before? Well I promise once you experience that you will never go back!

Wax Removal


Are you tired of lash extensions? Do you have good natural lashes but they are light or straight? Well this treatment will be your saving grace! This quick and easy treatment with make your lashes look fuller, longer and darker and it lasts 6-8 weeks!


Chemical Peels are a great deep exfoliation that removes the outer layer of your skin. This helps with almost every skin concern such as wrinkles, acne, dark spots, aging and more!

Natural Beauty Products
Man Getting a Facial


My treatment facials are not just your basic facial. This facial is mean't to target your skin concern and get RESULTS. This includes not only the pampering side but also the procedure side where we use high frequency, electric jade rolling, and more!


This is no ordinary brow wax. This wax includes a full face map to show where your natural brow should lay and the shape of it. Then I wax around that outline to give you the best possible brow wax! This wax can help make your brows look fuller and help frame your face!



The last thing you want is brows you don't love! That is why it is my mission to help you feel good about your brows again! A removal consists of a color lift and a skin colored pigment that lifts the color and camouflages it! This service does take multiple sessions. If you have questions please book a microblade consultation.

Brow Lamination 

Fluffy brows are IN and this is your one way ticket to just that! Brow laminations laminate your brow hairs in a shaped form to make them look thicker and fluffier! This treatment lasts about 6 weeks and we can promise this is a service you won't regret!