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How to Make your Microblading Certification Class Free

Updated: Jan 11

Does a free microblading course sound too good to be true? The answer is no it is not! The number one hesitation people have when getting trained in microblading is the price of said training. It is no secret that microblading trainings are a higher ticket but there is a reason for that. That reason is that it is a high ticket service! So with that let's talk about how you can get your microblading certification class for free.

The first thing we need to discuss is the average price of a microblading certification class in Utah. The average cost of a microblading training in Utah is $3,000 while our personal microblading training is $2,499. Now let's talk about how we get this price for FREE.

We need to look at the average cost of microblading in Utah first which is now $500. With our microblading course a full kit of all your supplies are included and will cover your first 8-10 clients. Well let's say you only charge $400 as a discount to build your portfolio. If you times $400 by eight that will give you $3200. That means you will not only pay off your microblading course, but you will also make extra to take home!

Yes, it can be nerve-racking spending thousands of dollars on a microblading certification class but it is an investment that will pay off almost instantly with the supplies given! We feel so grateful to be able to help so many men and women start their careers in this amazing industry and can't wait to hopefully help you on your journey too! Please click here for more information on our microblading certification class.

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