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Discover the Art of Microblading in Utah: Expert Tips and Techniques

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

It is no secret that Utah is the hub for all beauty treatments, but have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the technician side of the beauty industry? How about specifically being a microblade technician in Utah? Well, we are the home of some of the best microblade artists in Utah and we are going to give you some tips, tricks and techniques when it comes to microblading.

The first thing you have to decide when microblading in Utah is the technique you would like to pursue. Many people don't understand that there are many different techniques when it comes to microblading such as standard microblading, powder brows, nano brows, ombré and more! I am going to talk about my two favorite techniques and a few tips to go with them.

Traditional Microblading

Traditional microblading has come a long why in the past several years and after 7 years of performing traditional microblading in Utah, I am still a big fan. Traditional microblading is when you use a handheld microblade to deposit pigment into the skin using the pressure of your hand. Even though I feel like there are mixed opinions about standard microblading in the last few years, I still find it very effective because you have a lot of control with how you microblade your strokes and I personally feel like it is slightly easier to create more realistic hair strokes when you are using a manual microblade. This technique is also very popular when microblading in Utah because of its realistic look and more affordable price.

Tips with Manual Microblading

  • Use a nano microblade. I personally using a 18 U Nano Microblade from Tina Davies. These microblades are extra small and create super fine and more realistic hair strokes.

  • Master your stroke pattern. If you are a certified microblade artist then you should have learned a stroke pattern (if you did not, I would seek a more educational certification course). Your stroke pattern is key when it comes to microblading so you should continuously practicing and developing it.

  • Watch your depth while manual microblading. The biggest concern I see with manual microblading is scarring clients which is easier than you think. Since manual microblade is creating a larger wound than nano brows or powder, you need to watch your depth. How I like to watch my depth is with the amount of bleeding (pin point) and how dark the strokes are.

Microshading ( AKA Hybrid microblade, Blade & Shade, ect.)

Microshading is a mix between standard microblade and powder brows. With this technique you get the realistic hair strokes of microblading, but you also receive the shading which acts as a color overlay and makes the brows slightly bolder. This technique works better for clients with more oily skin and is also a very easy service upgrade. This is by far our most popular service and many of my students most popular service also.

Tips with Microshading

  • Use a single needle when performing shading. Single needs deposit the smallest amount of pigment to the skin and it gradually builds after every shading pass. By using this needle you will avoid depositing too much pigment into the skin at once and overall have more control with your microshading results.

  • Invest in a high quality tattoo gun. I did not realize how important this was until I upgraded my gun. I always thought it was the artist and not the supplies but boy was I wrong! As soon as I upgraded my gun I found that my microshading results improved, I got through clients quicker, and it was just easier to use. You can find my machine of choice on our Amazon Storefront

  • Less is more when it comes to microshading. Since this is a more bold procedure, I like to always start out with less shading passes unless my client specifically asks for a bold brow. This will result in less of a "shock factor" when you show them their brows and it gives them the opportunity to go bolder at their 6 week touchup.

Microblading and Microshading are AMAZING starting points when it comes to joining the permanent makeup industry and lucky for you we offer some of the best microblading training in Utah. In our "Brow Boot Camp Course" you not only get certified in microblading but we also certify you in microshading! You can start you microblading career here .

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